PPP / PFI is the core sector from which the Galileo idea and project comes from. Its founding partners have over ten years experience in this sector which give them a deep knowledge of the industrial, economic, financial, and commercial matters. In the PPP/PFI field Galileo plays as a global advisor, able to advise the potential stakeholders in different initiatives and in their single steps (origination, public tender, construction and operation start-up, way out and secondary market). Among its clients there are public administration, financial institutions (banks and/or investment funds) and industrial operators (usually EPC and/or O & M Contractor).


Galileo’s partners and professionals has developed experience in the M&A sector, based on direct engagement in significant deals for size and/or strategic content, working sometimes as advisors and others as managers/top managers for important foreign and Italian industrial groups. The experience gained by its professionals gives to Galileo the chance of approaching the M&A market with the awareness of being able to provide financial, economic, legal, commercial and strategic support on both sell/buy sides and regarding various markets, with particular interest towards service, infrastructure and consumer market (luxury and retail) sectors.


The long economic crisis afflicting not only our country has brought many companies, particularly small and medium sized businesses, to face the necessity of re-thinking their industrial structures and of re-positioning themselves in the global market. Galileo’s partners have long been working in this field in many sectors with positive results in both Italian and multinational companies. Today, they provide their customers with  a methodological approach, with proven results, to help the companies to face the path going from the analysis of the causes of the firms critical situation, to the development, collaboration and implementation of restructuring and re-launching plans, all the way to solutions of interim management. In addition, thanks to the cooperation with qualified and expert partners, we can offer auxiliary services aiming at transforming “family managed companies” into “managerial companies”, with a special focus on the generational transitions from founders to heirs.


The worldwide financial crisis created a significant gap between credit demand and offer. The new banking policies have effectively modified the corporate financing market, causing the “famous” credit crunch.. In the above mentioned market, Galileo aims to advise small companies in order to select and develop innovative financing opportunities guaranteed by international non-traditional financial operators.

Energy & Evironment

Since the beginning of its activity, and even before thanks to the experiences of its founders, Galileo works and has worked in the sectors of alternatives energy and environment. Starting with the creation of photovoltaic and aeolian plants, going through the optimization of the use of the energy sources and related activities, Galileo offers en entire range of services that goes from the support to the PPP initiatives, to the structuring and developing of business plans and tenders, to the research of technology and financial partners, to the financial management, to the debt restructuring and to the sale on the secondary market. The attention by the state institutions to the spending review of the local entities (cities, regions etc.), has brought opportunities also in the fields of building-leasing and outsourcing/optimization of their local services always looking to the eco-compatible solutions.

Start-up & new technologies

Galileo is active, both as an advisor and/or partner/activator, in initiatives aimed to create and develop new technologies and advanced services with added value. In these initiatives Galileo plays a role in organization, research of public-private partners, commercial origination, financing and newco’s management. The preferred sectors are: city mobility, parking, eco-compatible energy and environment. Galileo works in these sectors both in the primary, that means the origin, and secondary market, tied to the phases subsequent to the creation of the initiative. The activity is managed in partnership with enterprises that put the main efforts of their business in Research & Development.