The approach to the business of Galileo and its advisory partners is based on a few clear principles:


There are no know-it-all men, the men for all seasons, the omniscient. Every problem has a solution and a man to find it.


Companies know their problems better than any consultant. These serve to provide them with specific technical skills, to look at problems from another perspective, to provide methodology and objectivity, to manage relationships. In any case they are and must be term collaborators.


A consultant who accepts an assignment is convinced to be able to complete it successfully. For that he bases its remuneration on a concept of Success Fee rather than of ongoing remuneration. Otherwise best to employ him.


Every business problem is by nature unique in the given situation. Therefore the problem cannot be solved with text books we have on shelves. Each case must be studied individually and for it the best and most compelling (or winning?) solution must be found.